Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ear Phones can cause Deafness


Nowadays we need to keenly follow the news both in TV and Radio so we know exactly what is happening and where it is happening as the country becomes a haven for demos.
Because unless the issues that the public is concerned with are addressed any public gathering in the country has very high likelihood of degenerating in to a street demo and riots. The best you can do is to keep off.
Be aware of anniversaries/dates and avoid public demonstrations
If caught in the demo move to edge of crowd and disengage. If possible seek refuge in a church or other appropriate building .If there is tear gas in the street use a wet a cloth and hold it over your mouth and nose.  Don’t rub your eyes as you will only rub the tear gas into them. Use water to wash.
Obey all instructions given to you by the Security Forces.
Think of crowd movement like currents in the ocean. In a large riot, the crowd in the middle will be moving faster than the people on the perimeters. As such, if you find yourself in the middle, you should not try to move in a different direction, but follow the flow and slowly make your way to the outside. This requires patience in order to work properly.
Inform the radio room of your situation if you are from a company or organisation that uses Radios. If you can turn off down another street away from the direction of trouble do so. Remove your seat belt (you may need to abandoned the vehicle in a hurry) If safe to do so stop the vehicle and let the crowd pass by. Ensure all maps, cameras and other equipment are hidden from view – or the rioters may think you are police! Don’t panic. Don’t continue driving into the riot if possible. Be prepared to abandon your vehicle in an emergency. Only ever force your way through as an absolute last resort! If you fail the probability is you will be dragged out of the car and beaten sometimes to death by the rioters. Slow the vehicle speed right down.
Put on your hazard warning lights. At night time dip your head lights and turn on the interior vehicle light.  Driving towards Police lines can be interpreted by the Police as a preparation to use the car as a weapon against them. Police are trained and prepared to protect themselves against deadly threats meaning that you may be shot at if they think you are going to run them down with a car.
Stay indoors, close all window shutters or curtains Keep away from windows that face the  street .Avoid the temptation to ‘look out’ of the     window to see what is happening. If at night turn all lights off. Keep movement to a minimum, talk in  whispers only . Switch your mobile phone ring tone off!Majority of people during the Jamhuri day celebrations were arrested for wearing T-shirts with messages avoid free T– shirts that have messages they can land you in jail.