Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Due to hard economic times or due to globalization what we thought was a western disease has firmly taken root in our country - Kidnapping. It  was the stuff of movies but of late it has become a stark reality, a threat that stalks us like the sword of Damocles.That you can wake up one day and find your sweet angelic child missing, or grabbed from you, or grabbed as they play and you at work can bring such trauma that can remain with you for rest of your life. Even if it ends well a kidnapping will always leave a mark on the victim and the families. If it ends badly then it forever will  be devastating.

The most nightmarish thing that can happen to a parent is to come home and find your lovely children missing,or send one to the shops and he/she does not return - then the worst happens you get call from goons demanding money or they will kill your innocent lovely child - suddenly the world stops and you cannot think straight.
Below is way that can greatly reduce the chances of having your children or spouse or friend kidnapped.

In order to keep children safe, you should practice basic stranger-safety procedures with your children and encourage other parents to follow your guidelines:
1. Tell your children to always walk or play in groups. Predators search for isolated targets such as children who are walking alone or playing alone. Share this important lesson with other parents. If you see a friend or neighbor's young child walking alone, make sure to include that particular neighbor in your stranger-danger strategy. For instance, you could suggest a buddy or carpool plan to get neighboring children to and from school.
2. You should always know where your kids are going, even if they leave the house with another trusted adult. If your children spend time at their friends' homes, you should discuss a mutual child-watch plan with other parents. If your children are young, explain to these parents that you do not allow your children to play outside unsupervised. Promise to keep a similar close watch on their children when they play at your house. If your children walk or ride their bikes to other nearby houses, designate safe places for your child to run if threatened by a stranger.
3. Keep a list of phone numbers of  other nearby parents and offer your numbers to these parents. You can quickly check on the location of your children if needed.
4.Teach your kids about strangers. Tell them that a stranger is any adult they do not know. Introduce your children to other parents you trust. Meet the children of these parents, so you will become a familiar face to the kids. Ideally, these children will be able to pick out a few friendly adults in a crowd of strangers. In addition to other parents, your kids should know which strangers are safe.
4.Store clerks, police officers, teachers, people who are behind desks in office buildings, mail-carriers and mothers with children are generally safe strangers.Explain to your children that they can trust these strangers if they ever need help and they cannot locate an adult they recognize.Teach your children that stores, schools, libraries and restaurants are all safe public places where they can run if they are in jeopardy.
6. Practice a secret code word with your children. Choose a word that would not be easy for a stranger to guess. Use this code word when another adult is required to transport your child. Tell your kids they should never get into a car with someone who does not know the code word. Share the code word with your children and other adults you trust. Change the word as often as needed. Instruct other parents to develop their own family code words.
7. Teach your kids about the common lures used by abductors. Often, a kidnapper appeals to victims by asking the child to help find a lost animal. Sometimes, the stranger will ask a child for directions. Occasionally, abductors know the child's name or the names of the child's parents. Perpetrators attempt to use this knowledge to gain the child's trust.. You should tell your children that adults ask other adults for help when they are truly searching for lost pets, or when they need any other type of assistance.Also, repeat to your children the importance of the family code word. If a stranger knows the child's name, but does not mention the code word, that stranger is probably a threat.
8.Many children and even adults do not know how to scream practice screaming with your children. If a stranger attempts to talk to or grab your children, your children should know to shout, "No!" or "Fire!" Try to recruit the help of other parents. The group of your children can rehearse screaming at strangers by role-playing.


As a security adviser in an international organisation i have come across very pathetic cases where Kenyans have been conned out of their hard earned cash,have been subjected to humiliating actions,have lost their lives because of avoidable circumstances etc.If we are to achieve Vision 2030 all Kenyans then must be able to take care of themselves and their assets and must be able to take precautions in day today activities so that they minimise the chances of falling victims to crooks and conmen.

The bottom line has been that many of us lack some basic knowledge on Security and Safety to be able to protect yourself,your children and your assets.
These blog will try to educate Kenyans as much as practicallly possible so that in the very end we are all safe and we live in harmony

We will handle issues as they evolve,threats that are current and how to avoid them,personal security,general security,home security,security for you children in school,security for upcountry homes and all other issues of safety and security that touch on Kenyans wellbeing.